Saturday, October 30, 2010

day 43_change of season

Today was chilly, and it is not the first day. It is as if someone flipped the switch earlier this week and we have leapt from summer to fall in an instant. When I check the weather (and then convert from Celsius back to Fahrenheit... because I still don't mentally register what it means when I hear the temperature in C degrees) it seems as if it should be colder. I don't remember 66 degrees F being noticeably cool, but here it is justification for sweaters, parkas, hoodies, leggings, winter boots and scarves!

Being the local-foreigner ~ I find it quite cold myself! I must have adapted to the warm weather pretty well before the change, because I fit right in - digging out my scarves and long sleeves, layering up in the mornings when I get ready for work now. I'm not entirely sure that they have 4 seasons; my guess is that they are on the tropical calendar: dry season, wet season. If so, that would mean that I arrived at the end of the dry season [Funny, considering these are the days that you never feel dry because the humidity leaves you "sticky" 24/7], and now we are entering the wet season [should be many rainy days and increased winds]. One of the differences is the lack of heaters. In Texas, once it cools off, you just turn on the heat to warm yourself back up... but here, you'd better buy some gloves and hot chocolate because there aren't many heaters around! At my office - which I may refer to from now on as the 'ice box' - they seem to still be running the a/c... strange... which doesn't exactly make sense to me with the cooler weather! And at home I bundle up tight in my blanket when I go to sleep :) So, that's part of the chilliness, simply not having the control to change it.

I'll just have to wait and see what sort of a "winter" awaits me, but it looks like I may have the hubby send me a care package of sweaters and jackets in the not-to-distant future! ;)

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