Tuesday, October 12, 2010

day 26_Around Work

Today I had every intention of grabbing something for lunch and heading back to my desk, but by the time I walked all the way to get my lunch, the weather had convinced me to stay outside. It is such a gorgeous day! It's a little different here, because I never get into a car, so by the time I arrived where I was headed, I had been enjoying the sunshine too much to abandon it so quickly! I munched my lunch at a picnic table across the street from our office, and took a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

[View at the front of my office building, across the street, looking back]
You can just see the building there through the trees. Our office is on the 8th floor.
I know it is difficult to see my office through the trees in the photo above, but I think that is sort of the point in this picture :) I was standing across the street from the office - the street is actually composed of 3 lanes with landscaped medians between each. The central lane is sort of like the express lane. The side lanes are for people who intend to turn in the near future.

[View from our small conference room]
Many times when I make a phonecall to one of you and I need some privacy, I call from the small conference room. This is the view. Trees along the street down below at the front of our building (those are the tops of the same row of trees from the first photo). City scape. Mountains, clouds, and a beautiful blue sky beyond. Today was just a great day for a picture.

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