Tuesday, October 12, 2010

day 25_the daily HUG

Just another Monday, not too much excitement in the land of humidity.

As the case would have it. I love riding the MRT. Honestly, this should come as little surprise to those of you who know me well. At 13 when someone offered to let me drive their car in a parking lot "for fun"- no interest. At 16 when I was finally old enough to get a driver's license - I still drug my feet. And with my first pickup truck, learning to drive a standard in a parking lot, it still brought me to tears because I thought I had broken the truck when I killed the engine. Like I thought it was never going to drive again...

So, anyways! During my first two weeks here, during my time at a nearby hotel, I rarely rode the public transit and hopped around mostly by foot or taxi, but I finally decided that I couldn't actually justify spending any more cash on cabs. Now that I have really settled in, and have an apartment a few miles from the office, I have started taking the MRT to and from work on a daily basis. Taipei has an excellent public transportation system and the rail is not my only option, but it is my preference. The rail is fast, accessible, you can sleep as you ride, you can practice your fabulous balancing skills - look! no hands! - you can read a book that you haven't been able to put down, no traffic tickets, no parallel parking, no car payment/bills/insurance, and at the end of the day when you squeeze yourself onto that packed rush hour train car, sucking in so that the doors will still close without pinching your stomach.....  maybe you just think of it as a very BIG HUG. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

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