Sunday, October 3, 2010

day 16_Shopping & a Movie

For my first full day in the apartment, it was absolutely crucial that I buy some things (toilet paper, bath towels, etc etc etc)... or else I would be drying off with a t-shirt for the forseeable future, among other things! Lucky for me, my new apartment is in a very busy area of Taipei called XinYi (ShinYi) and there are multiple shopping malls/department stores within walking distance. Even though, I might have been satisfied to purchase some of my items from a store equivalent to a Dollar General, I don't know where there is a store like that near my house yet - so I headed to the mall(s). There is a series of buildings nearby, connected by covered sky walkways from building to building, that create one big complex - the Mitsukoshi (not sure I spelled that right...) mall.

I wandered through (I think...) four of thier buildings, and was able to find most of the things I needed - selectively choosing as I went, what I was able to carry back to my apartment... but in the end I still bought too much! By the time I reached my apartment, both shoulders were very sore from the weight of my bags and I had learned my lesson about how much is actually comfortable to carry for a few blocks. Even still, I successfully bought bath towels, dish towel, dishes, snacks, drinks, detergent, toilet paper, and hangers from that trip! Even though my legs do fine for the walking, my feet never quite seem to keep up, so by then, I had a few blister battle scars from the trip.

Being that I have finished the 3 books I've bought since I left Dallas, and I have opted not to pay for cable television in my apartment (yet - we'll see if I stick with this decision), I thought it might be fun to treat myself to a nice dinner and see a movie. Something more relaxing; no more walking for the day... well sort of... so I walked to a nearby restaurant and enjoyed some very American food, and then of course walked to the movie theatre and bought a ticket to see EatPrayLove starring Julia Roberts.

Dinner at a nearby "Hawaiin" themed restaurant
+/- $15 US for meal, mojito, & service charge at a nice restaurant

Skybridge connecting the shopping malls and movie theatre complex

I had actually tried to read this book earlier this year, and just never quite finished the book. I think I made it through Eat Pray...? But the movie was just what I needed. [I won't tell you the plot, don't worry]. The basic concept is that the main character (a woman) is taking an adventure, a journey to foreign places, to find herself... and there were some specific points that I could especially relate to, or that really encouraged me about my own journey here in Taiwan. It was a happy, motivational movie - and I think it is just what I needed this weekend to make me thankful for every new day of my own adventure :) So, that being said, I am really enjoying my first weekend at the new place, the convenience of so many things to do around me, and the rest before another busy week at work!

Oh, and for those of you who are curious - the movie was in English with Chinese subtitles, which is pretty common here. So I actually have the upper hand in movie watching I suppose... Oh! And you can choose if you would prefer for your popcorn to be salty or sweet - the sweet is like Kettle Corn.

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