Monday, October 18, 2010

day 32_I love a Rainy Night!

Do you all know that country song? "I love a rainy night"... I officially have it stuck in my head for the evening, but anyways...

Right now it is almost 11pm; it is raining. It didn't rain all day today, just a light sprinkle in the afternoon, and it has picked up into a steady drizzle this evening. After having lived in Oklahoma and Texas for my entire life, it is easy for me to embrace the rain! Sometimes I wonder if this is what people in Seattle experience... but I think it is different, even from that rainy city. Being that Taiwan is a somewhat tropical island, rain is quite normal here - and for me it is such a welcome change from the dry dusty air that I am so accustomed to.

Now, please do not foolishly mistake my appreciation for the rain, to be some sort of harmonious existance. I think it was apparent the first night I walked home without an umbrella that we were going to have to come to some sort of peaceful terms. It was after work, and I hadn't been paid yet (still in that initial new job phase between paychecks), and I was too stubborn to spend my pennies on an umbrella - thinking 'It's just water, no harm done.'... but by the time I got home, I looked like: (a) someone who had jumped into a swimming pool with their clothes on and (b) a crazy lady. Plain and simple. In addition to that, I learned -quickly- that if water gets in your sandals, they sometimes slip right off your feet... especially if you are walking in a hurry!

... Needless to say, I bought an umbrella first thing the next morning on my way to the office :)

Back to the appreciation part though:
I am just crawling into my big comfy bed - that somehow still feels like I must be on vacation every time I get into it, and I still have an impossible time getting out of each morning - and the rainy drizzle in the background has more or less muffled out the sounds of the city for the evening as well. It is going to be easy to fall asleep tonight... :)

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