Tuesday, October 5, 2010

day 19_Just A Few Quick Notes

Not much to chat about today, just a few things I think to myself on a regular basis...

1. Just because I am an American, does not mean that I am a 'lazy' American
(keep this in mind as I pass you on the stairway, while you take the escalator)
2. I know that my skin is lighter and my hair color too, but I don't actually need a taxi at all times
(no sidewalk stalking required - please and thank you)
3. When you finish your explanation in Chinese and I answer in perfect Chinese accent "I don't know," this is my indication that I have no idea what you just said... Continuing to speak to me in Chinese will recieve an identical reply.
4. Contrary to popular belief, I can cook and would like to eat at home... I just can't afford to buy an entire new kitchen until I've at least recieved a full month's pay (It is commonly expected that Americans eat out for every meal)
5. Despite what you may have become accustomed to, pedestrians do NOT have the right of way... Don't think for a moment that scooter, taxi, grumpy old man in a wheelchair, Japanese tour bus will not squish you like a bug in thier path... [don't worry, I have been keeping this in mind :) ]
6. Yes - my eyelashes, my honey-brown eyes, my big doe-eyed gaze and my pale skin are all natural - thank you for noticing, but please stop staring :)

PS... shout-out/thank you to my followers :)
I enjoy knowing that I am not always just talking to myself...

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