Thursday, October 14, 2010

day 28_the Life of a City Girl

Today I find myself surprisingly overflowing with blog ideas (foreign encounters, fashion faux pas, 10 things you should never leave home without... the list goes on...). Nevertheless - I have settled for a simple photo journal of my evening walk. I will save some of the other topics for 'a rainy day'[Even though it is technically raining now... :)] I try to be in the habit of wandering each day after work, walking around and seeing new things, but -shamefully- I have yet to start taking my camera with me, so for now all blog photos have been of the camera phone quality! [Will work on that]
Taipei 101

This is the road when you first leave my apartment - I don't live off of the main road, but on a nearby lane, not far from the major cross street. I live very near Taipei 101, which you can see in the background. For those who are not familiar with the building, it dwarfs all surrounding structures, it is located a few blocks back in this photo. The canopy on the right leads underground to the MRT station.
Street performer. Spinning metal hoop acrobat/gymnast (?)

There are a circus of performers who entertain amidst the busiest shopping areas in the evenings. This guy was absolutely amazing! Spinning, and dancing and performing tricks with his oversized hula hoop. He even hung on at one point as the hoop spun with no hands! I have seen some repeat performers, and I am hoping that I will get to see his show again! :)
Flower stand on the first floor of the bookstore

 Tonight I hit the bookstore, again, and lingered at the first floor flower display, again. This particular stand is so gorgeous, and all of the Halloween bouquets are really fun too, with bright orange pumpkins and golden flowers for fall. One of these days I am going to have a breakdown and empty my wallet at this place!

new bakery nearby, "Crown"

 There is a newly opened bakery on the corner, and they must be doing something right, because every time I walk by, I tell myself that I need to stop in there and check it out - so tonight I did! Beautiful breads, rolls, sandwiches... but best of all is the cake display.


The cakes look amazing! I more or less had to drag myself away to keep from buying a whole cake for myself ;) Don't worry - I didn't. Not today anyways...

Zhongxiao East Road on a rainy night

 This photo is headed back to my apartment again. The walking and window shopping in this big city are absolutely endless, and I love being a city girl, but for those of you who think "that's too many people, and too much noise for me"... keep in mind that this evening stroll ends at my fabulous, cozy little apartment...
With a good book.

Maybe I'll trade in my book money for flowers and cake another day ;)

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