Saturday, October 2, 2010

day 15_First Night at the New Apartment

I have officially spent my first night in the apartment, and here are some pics of the new place! Busy, busy this weekend getting settled in... there are quite a few things I need... toilet paper, towels, dishes, bottled water, etc! Also need to memorize my address... it is sort of a handful:
ZhongXiao East Road, Section 5
Lane 71, Alley 12, Building 10, Apt 4F
(please confirm with me before trying to send mail... I am still learning it!)

Welcome to unit 4F... that's me!

Inside the entry... with built-in shoe storage.

(at entry interior) High ceilings and nice lighting + lots of windows = happy Lizzie

Kitchen/dining/built-in storage (TV is on wall at left there...)

Another view of the kitchen

Into the bathroom (to left of the kitchen)

Shower (had to lay down to get the whole thing in view...)


Bed & built-in closets... with reading lamps and shades closed

Bed with shades open! Notice right window is operable

Foot stool/storage/seat


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  1. Lizzie,
    I love your new place! It looks so cozy and well designed... in short, it suits you perfectly.
    I'm also glad I can now picture you in a specific setting.