Saturday, October 23, 2010

day 36_Tea Time

Another Friday. Another week come and gone! It will only be a few more days until I get my ARC (alien resident certification) and be an official 'local'.

As opposed to the tradition at my previous office of providing sugary donuts (with sprinkles on top - my favorite!) and sausage rolls on Friday mornings, I now enjoy a Friday treat with an Asian twist each week - "Tea time" on Friday afternoons. At first mention, tea time immediately takes my train of thought to Britain, but then just as quickly my mind lingers back to Asia, pondering green tea, Japanese tea, etc... tea actually started in Asia well before it was imported and became popular elsewhere - but I am still quite fascinated that it is something of a routine here for many people.

I think the significance is to provide a snack to tide you through between lunch & dinner, and to have a short time of rest during the day. At my office, tea time is curious because I have yet to see any tea provided... but instead, it is typically a snack... or even a small meal in my opinion...

This Friday was unique because our tea time was compliments of a local fire marshal inspector who has worked on some of our projects. That is wild to me, considering that in the USofA we would probably be the ones gifting the marshal (and hoping for a passing inspection!), not the other way around :) What did the gentleman send? Well - unknown. But if you can read the Chinese label, good for you!

Somewhere on this wrapper, it says beef... but I didn't see the usual characters that I watch for to indicate beef...

You can see my own tea purchased from the 7-11 in the background...
Snack was about the size of a small hamburger, and steaming hot!

A warm sticky bun, filled with beef, veggies and something sweet... maybe cinnamon? It was an unusual flavor!

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