Wednesday, October 6, 2010

day 20_What happened to Texas?

*****Happy Birthday Dad!!!*****

Being that the top of my blog says 'From Texas to Taipei,' here is a quick recap of what's going on in the other half of my life...

Poor hubby is currently left behind in Texas, working on tying up all of the loose ends that I left behind. Truck is for sale, no takers yet. House is for sale, no takers there either. Pooch has gone to a new home where he looks so happy you might think he was neglected during his time with us! (Unbelievable, I know). Family and friends seem to be moving on with thier daily grind just fine in my absence, and another garage sale is probably in the not too distant future for dear Jason :)

Apparently, our truck is just the right price that makes it a little harder to sell by owner - just enough that a person is not likely to walk up with enough cash in hand. Also the housing market is not exactly amazing right now, so even though we have had a few showings, we are just patiently awaiting for a buyer to come along! Nevertheless, Jase & I knew from the moment we made the decision to uproot to Taipei that these challenges would all be a part of the process. The hardest part is being without my sweet husband...

Anyways, my parents have finally gotten some offers on thier old house (yay! Happy birthday Dad!), so here's hoping that we do the same, and soon.

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