Monday, October 4, 2010

day 17_More Shopping!

Sunday consisted of more shopping...
Of course Saturday when I got home with all of my bounty and started my first load of laundry, I discovered that I had in fact bought laundry softener as opposed to laundry detergent... It was actually in English on the label, I just didn't pay enough attention! So among other things, I headed back out to buy a few more items for the apartment.

One of the fun things about being here, on my own, is that I no longer have any "peer pressure" to sway my actions. No neighbors or friends (yet), no family here, no husband at my side, and not even the societal Dallas women to compete with and live up to thier standards. Instead, it is a free for all - what do I want, or what do I want to do?!

In addition to that, there is a widespread acceptance/interest here in cartoon type things. It is not considered childlike to have toys, or figurines on your desk... to wear hairpins with my little pony on them if you wanted... people are just a little more playful, and this is not seen in a negative light.

So... when I saw the hot pink "Drop Your Guns!" ice cube tray, don't ask me why I wanted it, but I did! It is sort of fun to just get to pick out things for my apartment, knowing that I doesn't have to be wife, homeowner, or even 'grown-up' :)

It's the little things in life, people :)

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