Sunday, October 10, 2010

day 24_Double 10 Day

Double 10 Day, or in this case... Triple 10 Day as it were (10/10/10)

Each year, there is a holiday celebration in Taiwan on 10/10. I have gotten mixed anwers as to what this day is... Taiwan National Day, Taiwan Independence Day, Double 10 Day... regardless, I believe it is the celebration of the Republic of China (Taiwan, R.O.C.) seperating from mainland China (P.R.C. - People's Republic of China). Although Taiwan is still not considered an independent country, there is a definitive seperation between the ROC and PRC and this holiday is in commemoration of that distinguishment. This is a tricky thing to define, so I will not try to explain any further on the issue in my blog, but you can check it out on wikipedia: [I read most of this, pretty interesting stuff]
It is very cool to be able to observe first hand the Taiwanese culture, and although I have not spent any time in China, I can tell that the Taiwanese have thier own very unique personality - full of life, energy, happiness, and freedom/independence. Unfortunately, I tried to check out the fireworks display this evening from my rooftop, but the sky is cloudy and the display must be elsewhere, because there was nothing...

So on that note, I decided to celebrate in my own way by visiting a local bakery! I have been shocked and amazed by the new wave of bakery/pastry/bread shops since my previous visit to Taiwan. It is actually all the rage right now and that works for me! I have been avoiding certain food weaknesses of my own (bread, cheese, chocolate) since my arrival here... think that it is probably for my own good... but tonight I caved and purchased a few items for the week :)

[From left to right] Coconut rum pastry, Swiss sausage danish, Mini Pizza
Total cost $2.50 US
Needless to say, I think my breakfasts will be good this week! Hope you all have a great week ahead - I'm planning on it myself.

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