Sunday, October 24, 2010

day 38_all-American Girl

This morning, I had a particular hankering for a nice big American breakfast... and you may recall I had just enjoyed one a week ago today! It must somehow related to Sundays ;) Last Sunday, I had a late breakfast/brunch at a place called the Diner, but I eliminated this as an option, because - being my usual self - I always like trying new places. I got up and around, caught up with a few people on Skype, and eventually left the house for the day. [Because getting around town is all via public transportation, typically once I leave the house and hop on the MRT, I won't be home for awhile. I don't tend do a lot of back & forth on the rail, usually just one ride to get out of the house/to get wherever I'm going, lots of walking in between and one ride back once I'm done].

I decided to derail at a new MRT stop that I hadn't yet explored, Zhongxiao Dunhua, which is just down the road from my office. Great choice! I'm not as familiar with the area, but was immediately curious. Cute little shops, street vendors, fresh fruit, colorful signs, people meandering along on a bright and shiny Sunday afternoon - I will definitely want to check out this neighborhood again! Unfortunately, despite the many places I passed, I just couldn't bring myself to buy rice or noodles for lunch today... I couldn't kick that initial craving for a nice big American breakfast... so I kept on wandering. Eventually, I ended up near my office (and by this point I was pretty much starving... how many days a week do you walk 2 miles before you've had your breakfast??? Be honest.) So... I settled for a place that I know of, but had not yet dined at: "Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill, Taipei". How predictable am I? Not only did I settle on the American joint, but I was wearing my jeans, a fitted white tee, and tennis shoes. Yep!

Apparently the brunch there is quite popular (it was packed), so I accepted the only open seat - at the bar - and ordered a nice big omelette with mushrooms and cheese, which also came with wheat toast, butter, jelly, and home made hash browns. Yum!!!

I couldn't help but notice the young Chinese gentleman nearby (the only other patron at the bar at that moment... probably my age) who was vigorously shaking the glass ketchup bottle up and down with no luck. Since today seemed like a running theme already: 'How all-American can Lizzie be?' - I figured I'd give him a hand. I quickly motioned 'May I help?' and showed him how to tap the side of the bottle on the 'Heinz' label to get the thick sauce to come out a little more willingly. Wow, I was such a pro - he was impressed. Then (thankfully the ketchup was being extra cooperative) I worked the same magic to put a little puddle of ketchup on my own plate and started up a polite conversation with the boy. The breakfast was good, and it was nice to make some small talk with a stranger.

Ha! Silly moments like this amuse me the most. I now have an even better appreciation for whoever taught me how to work a ketchup bottle! Bet they didn't teach you that in school ;)

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