Friday, October 29, 2010

day 42_a better day

Good morning Friday! [This is actually my Thursday post... sometimes I write the day of, sometimes I don't get to it until the following day... like today...]

Yesterday was better than the previous, as hoped, and very much appreciated! When I woke, I felt more rested. When I headed out to work, the security guard at my apt building's front desk had bought me breakfast. [Yes, I know, scandalous!... the husband is already aware, and the security guard knows I have a husband ;) but really, I think the guy is like 50, and just dreaming...] Anyways, the security guards, there are probably 6 in the rotation, are so nice to me and always make conversation or ask me how my day was, etc. I get a kick out of the. Different ages and personalities, they are funny too - they make me laugh, and frequently speak to me in Chinese which I don't follow... but it is so great to have people openly talking to me everyday, Chinese or not, without being shy/timid/intimidated by the color of my skin.

Breakfast was... great! I have been avoiding the traditional Taiwanese breakfasts all this time - partially due to the challenge of ordering at street vendors - becuase the local idea of 'breakfast' is so different from my own. In the US, when I actually took the time to eat breakfast, it was usually a Chai latte from Starbucks, bowl of oatmeal, cereal, or a nutri-grain bar... pretty light (max one of those items, rarely much of a meal). Here, they eat noodles, porridge, dumplings, and steamed buns, and drink warm soy milk, sometimes with rice in it. My breakfast gift was 2 steamed buns and a cup of warm soy milk.

The soy milk was good! Thank goodness. Soft, sweet, subtle. [What a relief. On previous trip to Taipei, I tried the warm soy milk once, and vowed to never order it again...but that must have been a different version?] And so were the steamed buns! They are wrapped in a soft, chewy but fluffy dough, and filled with pork, cabbage, or similar. I could only eat one of the two before I was completely stuffed! So I stuck the other in the fridge to heat up later. I probably won't eat that every morning - because it is heavier than the breakfasts I'm used to - but it was great, and I'm sure I'll have it again. I am glad that I am still trying new things here. That could go on for awhile, but I get the impression that not everyone would just take a bite into the unknown - literally and metaphorically speaking :)

The rest of the day also went better. I accomplished my personal goals at work for the day, with a little time to spare, and went to bed at a decent hour (hence, no blog post last night before bed).

Now for Friday ~ always a welcome day.

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