Monday, November 29, 2010

day 74_ceramics exhibition

[Disclaimer: Photos don't do this justice - you should see the exhibit in person!] One of the perks about working in a creative field is that occasionally - your paths cross other creative types that make you appreciate art even more. My boss was inspired by a ceramist from the UK and invited him to Taiwan to host an exhibition of his latest work. So this evening after work, I attended the opening reception for the Pure Simplicity Ceramic Art Exhibition (which will be on display for the rest of the week at National Taiwan University of Education). The artist is Mr. Jack Doherty.

The ceramics were as the name suggests - pure and simple - but I really enjoyed the exhibit. The pottery took on various bowl and vase shapes, ranging from pieces as small as a teacup to a large vase that came about to my hip. Strolling through and taking in the forms, colors, and textures was soothing. The art was original, and it made me wish I was still in pottery class, because I did feel like the artist must have affectionately shaped each piece. Each piece felt special, and had defining characteristics to set it apart from the others. Instead of "practice makes perfect," it seems that passion, self-expression, and imperfection are what made each of these pieces great.

The method of the artist is to glaze each piece once and fire each piece once, but the simple process results in an array of colors and textures. The unique coloring was my favorite part - the primary colors in this collection were rust oranges and pale teal... a gorgeous combination.

Unfortunately, most of the works were above and beyond my budget... so I did not commit to any purchases this evening (even though they will be here all week...). But it was encouraging to see someone who has found a way to express their creativity and still make a living out of it. After all, that's what all of us interior designers are trying to accomplish. How to be an artist without becoming a 'starving artist'. Before I left the show this evening, I heard rumor that there might be a sort of drawing at our firm... maybe the company is planning to purchase one piece that would be given to one lucky employee. Since it was only a rumor, I will be anxious to see if it comes true! Here's hoping :)

I wish the photos were larger to do the artwork more justice!
Hopefully you can still get an idea of how neat the individual pieces were.


  1. Liz - On the last picture, there seemed to be an "L" or something similar to a checkmark on each bowl. Was this a design element on all of the pieces or the artist's signature?

  2. Julie - That is part of the design for each piece. The artist likes to mark each ceramic with random tools to create indentations and add character. There are different kinds of marks on different pieces - sometimes a patter of marks over the entire piece. :)

  3. Wow! Wish you had stayed in the pottery class! still have several pieces. ceramic glazes can be fabulous.. pick up some ideas and perhaps you will start making some more pieces in the near future...