Sunday, November 28, 2010

day 73_weekend wanderings

This weekend the weather was gorgeous for the entire weekend! Right now the daily temperatures range from about 65 degrees (F) to about 72 degrees (F), and on the days when it is not raining it makes me just itch to be outdoors! So this weekend I came up with a new adventure plan for myself - follow the sunshine. With the height of the buildings in the city, the sun finds it way and snakes up and down the lanes and alleys in between the buildings, so I decided to let the sunshine be my compass. I went out walking, as usual, and would turn left or right, east, west, etc. based on which direction looked the sunniest. It was actually a fabulous strategy.  :)

I set out in a general direction, with a vague destination in mind, but I really just got to see a lot of areas that I haven't spent much time in yet. Honestly, on Saturday, once I had walked what must have been at least five miles, I decided I should probably find a bus and find my way home. But I also ventured out on Sunday, so I feel like I really got to see some sights and enjoy the weekend weather. Most of my time this weekend was spent wandering to and from Neihu (a particular corner of Taipei ~ sort of like one might consider Brooklyn part of NYC).

Night Market Entrance.
I came upon the market just as the vendors were beginning to set up shop for the evening.

Night market ~ getting ready for the busy weekend crowds.
Temple just outside the market. It was really beautiful.

View from the pedestrian bridge. Basketball courts & river below.

Sunset over the city beyond.

Miramar Entertainment Park. The ferris wheel is actually located on top of the mall.
Ticket for one ~ here I go!
The ferris wheel is brightly lit at night - really pretty to see over the skyline.
View from my seat looking into the wheel.
View from the top.
I forget how big the city is - now that I live here, sometimes it seems small...
But this was a great way to see it all.
 Good weekend.


  1. Lizzie so wish I was there! Looks so exciting, can't wait to come and visit and explore with you!

  2. Mom! You figured out how to leave a comment!!! :) Wish you were here too. Don't worry, I will show you around as soon as you get the chance to visit! :D