Thursday, November 18, 2010

day 63_along came a spider

I am definitely little miss muffet, and a single spider can easily frighten me away, so that is exactly what happened tonight!

So far in Taipei, I have seen a total of probably 5 insects... and it has taken my meandering across town to encounter them (or disposing of my trash - I did note at least one bug there). No complaints here - I am grateful! Even though I know the buggers must be around, it is fine with me if we don't ever happen to cross paths. Even still, the one creature that I saw this evening counts as 5 in my book! On my way into my building tonight after work (think dim, dusk), I noticed -quickly- a large spider that scurried away at the sound of my heels clacking on the concrete. Thank goodness I wore noisy heels today! Mostly, it was just the SIZE of the thing that startled me! Tropical islands have tropical sized insects. : / We have a shallow pool of water on either side of the building entrance, and it looked like the spider headed straight for the water... not sure. My personal description of the beast: daddy long legs... meets preying mantis... on steroids. It was a quick meeting, I can't be entirely sure that I got a good look. I looked for a picture online to give you an idea of what it looked like, but digging through pictures of giant spiders was slightly disturbing... so I'll spare you and just hope that's not what shows up in my dreams this evening! I am suddenly thrilled that I live on the 4th floor. Not that spiders (or other insects) can't climb, but at least I'm not at a convenient ground level! *Shudder* I still have the creepy crawlies and keep itching, feeling like there is something on my arm, leg, etc.

In other news, tomorrow is Friday! What should I do for fun this weekend? The sky's the limit, any ideas? :)


  1. Hey girl! I was thinking about you the other day, and remembered your blog! I miss your humor, it's not the same in Dallas without you!
    And Avery doesn't like spiders either, we found out. she freaked out at the plastic spider ring that found its way into her halloween it wrong that i couldn't stop laughing?

  2. Hey girl! I miss your humor too :) Sounds to me like Avery has the right idea (ha!) But I can just picture you laughing... it's funny :)