Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 69_Today I Am Thankful For Taiwan

Okay, so I know I am a day early - but I'm not completely jumping the gun - I will follow up with another Thanksgiving post tomorrow :)

Either way,
Today I am thankful for (Taiwan):
- The fact that smiles are universal
- New experiences
- A job that gives me new opportunities to keep learning
- Endlessly pleasant temperatures outside. Fall here is a little chilly but... never cold.
- High heel shoes that I can walk for miles in.
- The breeze that blows my hair back as the MRT rail approaches the station.
- A cozy apartment and big comfy bed that I never want to get out of.
- People who go to the trouble/or have the job to translate from Chinese to English
- Bubble tea!
- Skype, Facebook, etc - the technology that helps me keep in touch!
- Seeing mountains every day (I'm not used to that!)
- New friends
- 7-11, ha! ("Oh thank heaven for 7-11," seriously)
- Pictures of the hubby and me on my desktop background at work :)
- AND my blog readers of course!!! :D

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