Saturday, November 20, 2010

day 64_good Friday

Fridays are pretty casual in my office (ever day is pretty casual, but Fridays are even more so...), so I decided to wear my all-stars. It's funny, as soon as I had mine on, I realized how many people wear converse all-stars here! I was noticing shoes like mine left and right. Any day that I have good walking shoes I feel much more ready to take on the world. :)

I set out for work and exited at the slightly further MRT stop from my office - to allow myself a little bit of extra walking and scenery on the way. The weather has been really nice these past couple of days (in the 70 - 75 degrees Fahrenheit range, not too much rain). It was a nice stroll.

I love the moss on the trees.
(it is probably difficult to see in the photos, but it is on all of these trees)


A little girl on her way to school. Backpack in the bicycle basket upfront.
I just thought she and her grandma(?) were cute, so I took their picture.

Friday afternoon we had tea time as usual. Today's treat was sweet soup - there were a few different varieties, both warm and iced options - mine was a warm red bean soup with some sort of soy pieces in it? It was tasty. Red bean is one of the most common flavors of desserts here, and I like it, so I usually pick red bean when I have a choice.

After tea time and finishing up the work day, some of my coworkers decided to head downstairs to Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill to grab a beer and watch a Taiwanese baseball game. After all, it was Friday night and Taiwan was competing against Korea in what was described to me as the Asian baseball Olympics (the biggest game... I think that is equivalent to the US 'World Series'?.. but clearly you can see how little I keep up with sports...) Sadly, Taiwan lost... but I was just thrilled to spend some time outside of the office with my new coworkers / friends and to have some company on a Friday night. It was a good Friday. :)

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