Monday, November 15, 2010

day 60_new book

*****Happy Birthday Mom!!!*****

Now that I have officially been here for 2 months, I have finally gotten the "Taipei Living" guide book that is offered by the Community Services Center. First of all, I didn't know that it existed/I needed it. Secondly, my new friend actually had two copies, so she brought one to me this weekend. Third, this would have been really fabulous to read before I made the move across the pond! Still... better late than never, I am diving right in and learning lots of interesting knowledge - both trivial & useful. [Ha, as I am sitting here typing this, I just caught myself rubbing my shoulder... still sore from a very aggressive massage 2 days ago!]

The book is put together for the international community who are moving to Taiwan, or interested in moving to Taiwan, and they cover every topic from local customs, to which hospitals have English speaking doctors, to questions you should consider to prepare yourself for an international move, and on and on! There is an abundance of information in the book (which will take me at least a few days to read) and it has re-inspired me to get out and about more often! I still haven't checked out many of the more traditional touristy landmarks this visit, so perhaps I will find a select few to explore over the next few weeks. But first things first, I have scheduled a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. The doctor is English speaking and works at a hospital near my office, so if he seems nice enough at least I will have a physician here in Taipei. The Center - who publishes the book - also has activities and newcomer orientation programs. Even though, I am a little past the stage of newcomer, maybe I will check one out. What could it hurt? I might meet some new friends with a similar background... you never know. :)

So for now, back to reading and exploring my new libro. There are a few select issues that I have been tiptoeing around since I don't exactly know how they're handled here [like: what is ok to pour into your sink?... and when they say never to throw paper in the toilet - yes, toilet paper goes in the trash can here (strange) - does that have to apply to my toilet in my apartment too??? (mine is brand new plumbing... not like many of the older buildings in the city)] I'm hoping to find some directions in here somewhere! Adios!

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