Sunday, November 21, 2010

day 66_earthquake

Just as I was lying on the bed this evening pondering what should I blog about today, I could swear the bed started to sway beneath me! At first I told myself I must be imagining the sensation, but no - it was definitely moving...which means the entire building way swaying... and I was laying on a bed built inside of a -mostly- glass box that projects out from the face of the building! Yikes! (refer to previous blog posting for apartment bed photo...) As soon as I decided I was not imagining the swaying -which probably took me all of about 1.5 seconds to conclude- I hopped off the bed, thinking that is probably the last place I'd want to be mid-earthquake.

After the fact I looked out my windows, but all appeared normal. Cars passing by, people walking on the sidewalks... so I got online to try to find out if I was dreaming this whole bit, and no - I didn't imagine it! We had a 5.6 earthquake! Wild. I've really only experienced one or two earthquakes yet in my life, and neither of them was anything to report. I guess I was expecting the ground to rumble loudly and actually quake... like in the movies (ha!). This was my first earthquake during my time here in Taipei, but it probably won't be my last! I am glad to report all is fine (no damages whatsoever) and I'm happier and happier every day that I live in such a new building (ie - modern construction that is well prepared to withstand movement like this). Whew!

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