Sunday, November 14, 2010

day 59_Errands

After my glamorous mountain get-away, Sunday has been mostly filled with errands and prep for the coming week. This might be a grand adventure, but I still need clean socks, you know? :)

I did get to adventure to Costco today. I have a new friend with a car, and she was headed that way so I decided to tag along. Costco was just like it would be in the US (I don't really know - I never visited one, but it is like a Sam's Club and I've been to those before). While we were there, she picked up a frozen turkey and fresh cranberries for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday! So fun. It's too bad I don't have an oven to bake a turkey in. We were pretty impressed that we found both items at all! Turkey is pretty rare in Taiwan. We also saw plenty of Christmas decorations, and I almost bought a wreath for my door... but as I am planning to be in the US for the holidays, and I would have to store the wreath for the rest of the year (somewhere? pretty small apartment...) It is probably best that I didn't end up with a wreath.

Anyways, now I am back to laundry & cleaning. I bought a swiffer equivalent at Costco (yay!), so I can finally really clean my floors. Not too much excitement around here on a Sunday evening, but it has been a great weekend. Ready for the work week to start tomorrow.

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