Wednesday, November 10, 2010

day 55_*Fingers Crossed*

What is better than buying a lottery ticket and winning money? Not buying a lottery ticket and still winning money! There is a lottery in Taiwan, and I have seen both shops and vendors selling tickets on the street... but that is not what I am referring to. Don't fret dear ones, I'm also not referring to anything illegal.....

During my first few weeks in Taiwan, I was always baffled that the store clerks so kindly, sometimes eagerly, offered me the receipt - even when my purchases totaled to around 50 cents (US) - and looked surprised when I said no thank you [Boo Yao, Fapiao. Xie Xie... I don't want receipt, thank you].  So I went on about my daily routine and kept turning down the extra paper that seemed like a waste. Seriously, I already carry around a survival kit in my purse, why increase the load? Until one day... a coworker was having lunch with me, and when I started to turn down the receipt, she stopped me! Come to find out, every receipt you receive, everywhere, has a number printed across the top on a government seal. Every two months, the government releases prize numbers (there are probably 9 or more different series of numbers each round that win prizes) and offers cash rewards.

Now that I've been schooled on the receipt game, I have been stockpiling every last one! Crossing my fingers that by some profound miracle, I become one of the grand prize winners (about $50,000 US, after taxes). I'm just saying - that would sweeten the deal for sure!

(Left) Front of receipt, with #s (Right) Back of receipt with award dates

My receipt stash at my apartment
The awards are based on two month cycles. For example, I arrived in September, and the awards for September/October receipts will be announced later this month. I know that some of the prizes are small [for example if you get 3 winning numbers in a series, instead of the full 9 digits] but here is hoping! After all, who says 'There ain't no such thing as a free lunch' anymore? :) (yes, for you bookworms...'t_no_such_thing_as_a_free_lunch)

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