Wednesday, December 29, 2010

day 97_almost there...

Well, clearly day 97 came and went... but that is around the time that I fell off the face of my blog and went MIA! Now that I'm comfortably settled and the majority of my holiday festivities are through, I need to get "back in the saddle again", so to speak. :)

What actually happened on day 97 - I finally had the opportunity to visit the Taipei 101 observatory on the 89th floor, with wonderful views of the city, beautiful handcrafted Taiwanese art & jewelry, and informational displays about the building... only for my camera battery to die after the first picture! Which means, I will have to go back again another day.

Me with "Damper baby"
He is sort of TAIPEI 101's mascot:

A character fashioned after the 4 gigantic wind dampers located in the TAIPEI 101 tower.

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