Friday, December 10, 2010

day 84_Christmas Cards

On a recent visit to the RT-Mart (think big box retailer, low prices ~ Wal-Mart), I stumbled upon a huge display of Christmas and New Year's cards. I was actually quite impressed at the selection and was very tickled by one specific card! So I bought a few - let's say... maybe 20.

Well, of course, upon returning home and writing Christmas cards over the next few days, I knew that I was undoubtedly going to need more. 20 doesn't even begin to cut it! (Considering all of the people that I hope to send cards to! - We'll see...) So, yesterday after work, I hopped on a bus in hopes of purchasing more of the same cards from the RT-Mart. Unfortunately - as usual - I was unfamiliar with the bus route and saw the store I needed as the bus drove past. I tried to convince myself that surely the bus would turn a slightly closer direction for one of the upcoming stops - but, no. In the end, I exited the bus (maybe) 3 stops past my original destination and set out in my high heel shoes towards the RT-Mart. I had just come from work.

Twenty minutes later, my feet were yelling at me, and I could finally see the sign of my destination a few 100 yards away! When I entered the store I realized it was a different location than the one I'd visited previously, but same store, so I scoped out their Christmas card display... disappointing. The selection was not bad at all - but the design I wanted was not there, and the cards are typically sold individually (not like the bundles and boxes sold in US). Seriously, my feet were pretty unhappy by now, but I felt like surely this effort could not be in vain! So I set out to the same location that I had visited before, located a few blocks away.

Oh my gosh, clearly I wore the wrong shoes yesterday! By the time I reached the 2nd store I was on a mission. There would be no leaving without Christmas cards in hand! The card display was pretty much identical to the first location -bummer- they had obviously sold out of the cards that I like so much. But I was there, and I had just gone to all that trouble. And gosh darn it, many of you won't get presents this year, so you had sure better get a festive card from me with Asian postage!!!

In the end, I definitely left with Christmas cards in hand. As a matter of fact, my aching feet and determination might have left me too eager... I have a lot of cards now. :) And all because it means the world to me (yes, I would even sacrifice my feet) to let you know that "On Christmas Day - Wish you Happy!"

Yes, yes I do! :)

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  1. Christmas cards are definitely in the Christmas spirit...need to get ours out! Late for me...