Tuesday, December 14, 2010

day 89_the luck of the draw

Just a quick note for the day... might expand on this one tomorrow...

Following our big lucky draw last night, the luckiest winners often treat the other employees to a holiday tea time... so this afternoon (Tuesday) our office enjoyed a special treat, (see photo below) the largest sushi hand rolls I've ever seen. The rolls contained warm, cooked fillings mostly - for example, mine was similar to a teriyaki beef with rice and veggies.

Sushi = tea time [?]
Apparently, it is likely that all top 10 lucky draw winners may do something like this for the office over the next few weeks. It is seems very Taiwanese to me. There is a level of sharing here that surpasses anything I have ever experienced (except maybe the mission trips to Mexico when we built houses for the homeless... but it might even compete with that...). I know that my own lucky draw prize was a few hundred dollars US, give or take, and I honestly didn't even see what the top prize winners ended up with... but it is so kind of them to share the wealth and give back to all of us just because they can. It's always a nice thought, but I don't think many people are as generous as the people I've met here. I'm looking forward to a few little treats over the next few weeks. So far December has been full of 'life's little moments' that keep me in the holiday spirit. Cheers! :D

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  1. It will interesting to see what the other big winners do for the office. Not something we see much here.