Tuesday, December 21, 2010

day 95_shopping spree

Monday was a gorgeous day, with slightly chilly weather, but not bad for December... and one day closer to the end of my countdown to Christmas! So [my husband knows me best, this won't surprise him at all...] I went shopping for a few last minute Christmas gifts, and got swept up in the holiday spirit. One gift turned into two, followed by three, four, five, six, seven... I think I bought eight -small- gifts yesterday on my way home from work! I usually have so much fun Christmas shopping that I forget I am emptying my wallet at the same time. :) And I did just that. When I realized I had just enough cash left to grab a quick dinner (which is not much)... I figured that was enough last minute shopping for one day! Whew.

I tend to see an item and think of someone, but the someone always turns into a chain of someones... because I don't want to leave anyone else out! Specifically, I have been trying to scope out gifts that people would like/use (not just trinkets), but also that have a bit of Asian flair... that say "I brought this to you from the other side of the plant - in case you didn't notice." Also, I admit. I got suckered into buying a baby gift just because it was cute (I try to set better standard for myself when shopping, because I would much rather buy gifts that are special, not just cute), everything baby is cute... so generic... but I am just so excited about becoming an aunt soon (this week I think!) that I couldn't contain myself! As I may have mentioned before, shopping in Taipei is endless - from bargain outlets, to exclusive designer department stores, to street vendors. If you know where to look, you can buy anything here... I, however, am still learning where to look for things... So, one cute generic baby gift later... I'm standing over my half packed suitcase thinking I have enough gifts now to fill more than one suitcase on the flight back! Ha. At least the little munchkin with look cute, and be too young too remember the first whatever gift. Note to self, must find awesome Asian baby gifts for future occasions!

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