Saturday, December 4, 2010

day 78_dinner with friends

Last night after work, I had dinner with some girlfriends at a restaurant called Rabbit Rabbit. Hallelujah for having something to do on a Friday night!!! Technically, one of the girls was my friend, one an acquaintance, and the other two were new to me... but by the end of the dinner you would think we had all been good ol' friends for years... based on the laughter and giggling always erupting from our table.

Rabbit Rabbit had just opened their new second location - and one of the girls wanted to check it out. Pretty interesting concept. There was no rabbit on the menu (as far as we could tell...) but the entire restaurant was decorated with a rabbit theme (see photo above). I thought it was pretty amusing. The restaurant also offered rabbit face masks for anyone who wanted to try them on and take pictures... we saw the table next to us posing for their rabbit photos... I passed on that. Some of the rabbits were cute, and some of them were almost creepy... [Wow, I just now realized why I think that... thank you, Donnie Darko...]

Anyways, it was a cute restaurant - windows open to a fresh cool breeze, comfortable space around each table, generous portion sizes, free refills and a delicious blue cheese burger! (yes hubby, we can visit again when you are here if you crave a blue cheese burger!) Each of the girls tried my blue cheese... and mostly wrinkled their noses... apparently, a very acquired taste. :) To top it all off, it was so refreshing to spend an evening just chatting and laughing with 'the girls' again. (I miss my Dallas girls for sure!) Even though, I had only just met half of the table, getting to know new people can be just as endearing as conversations with old friends when you are with good company. These girls were fun, outgoing, and had plenty of funny stories to keep the conversation going well past dinner.

After about three hours of gabbing, we called it a night and I headed home. Is it funny that I feel some sense of accomplishment when I come home late? (ha) As if to let my security guards know... yes, I do have a life - finally! :D

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  1. Wish you had taken the picture with the rabbit masks, when we visit, I will take a picture of both of us! Too fun!!!