Wednesday, December 8, 2010

day 82_holiday wish list

Now that it is December, I am of course celebrating Christmas pretty much for the entire month! (this is typical for me) The excessive holiday displays and Christmas decorations throughout the city just encourage this behavior... and I've been scouting out fun Christmas gifts for many friends and family back home! Aside from the shopping and preparation for the trip, I am mostly just excited about the chance to spend time with friends and family who I miss so much! But if I get my Christmas wish, I will also get a few more things for my homesick American self... here are some of the things I want this year that don't fit under the tree...

1. Time with my Husband! I think this goes without saying, I miss him.
2. Snow! How amazing would it be to have snow at least one day while I am back?
3. My Truck! Even though I don't miss commuting on a daily basis, I do love being behind the wheel of my beautiful pickup truck, and I will definitely be taking it for a spin (or two)
3. English radio! The good, the bad, the ugly... I am still looking forward to hearing the radio and hearing which songs have popped up since I left. I am also looking forward to updating my iPod (playlists are on the laptop in TX...)
4. Bumble Bee (the cat) and Penny (the dog)! I miss having a pet, and I am looking forward to having them around for about a bit :)
5. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies! Someone please take note, I need these. [There are many foods competing for a spot on this wishlist...]
6. The Holiday Spirit! [Cheezy, I know, but...] I'm looking forward to being around other people who are excited about Christmas too! [You don't get as much of that here]
7. All of my winter clothes! These got left behind and I am starting to wish they were here in my closet... as of about today. And for the record, I am not packing clothes for the trip - I will just be wearing whatever I left behind... should be interesting!
8. My stocking hung on the mantle over the fireplace, with a fire. Mmmmm....
9. Wide open spaces! I might actually like the endless flat plains of TX and OK, now that I rarely see them.
10. A Vacation! A more or less, all expenses paid vacation to the good ol' US of A. Priceless :)


  1. I love that your pick-up truck is in the top 3, as it should be for any good Okie/Texas gal! :)

  2. We will have Penny and The Bee ready for you...chocolate chips cookies too and if you think of other favorites, let Chrissie and I know, they will be here waiting for you and Jason!