Sunday, December 19, 2010

day 92_green roof!

Friday was a long and busy workday, filled with too many tasks to accomplish in one day, a very long meeting with a client (new to me, already a client of my firm), and my third Chinese lesson. I am grateful to be busy and also trying to accomplish as much as possible before the holidays so that I can rest easy during my time off.

The coolest thing about Friday was touring a green roof! Green roofs are a neat idea [literally, constructing a green environment on the roof of a building, and establishing the correct soil, fertilization, and watering systems to maintain the mini eco-system] and something I have heard much talk of, but rarely seen. Most anyone is willing to switch out a few light bulbs for compact fluorescents... but revamp and entire roof and maintain it? Unlikely. In Taipei especially - or any large city where buildings often touch each other with no open or green space in between - it is a way to add some nature back to the cluster of concrete and man made buildings. This building did an excellent job of creating a beautiful oasis! [And made me wish so many more people would follow their lead!] They hired a landscape architect to assist with planning and design, and provided educational plaques upon completion to educate building occupants about the benefits of a green roof. The design used cinder blocks bordering the perimeter of all green areas, and even the cinder blocks were used as planters for additional greenery sprouting out of the two openings in each block. The plant selection featured local vegetation that would thrive in the Taiwanese climate, and the green roof is watered using 100% harvested rainwater. It was pretty fabulous in my opinion - and a really lovely rooftop escape with a nice view looking out upon the city as well. If you ever visit, maybe I will take you there...

Silly me - I didn't take my camera with me, and of course, this would have been an awesome photography opportunity. I guess that means I will have to visit again to take pictures for your viewing enjoyment!

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