Sunday, December 12, 2010

day 85_Ninja birthday party

Friday night after work, I was invited to a birthday party at a nearby restaurant called the 'Ninja Restaurant'. As the name suggests, the theme of the restaurant was ninjas - and they actually put a lot of fun into the entire concept. Basically, in addition to the tasty food, people definitely dine here for the entertainment.

When mentioning this restaurant to others, they tend to know immediately what you speak of if they have every passed by - it is hard to miss. On the exterior of the building, orange-clad, life size ninjas scale the building facade that is also spiked with various weapons, made to look as though they have been launched and sunk into the facade as well. Upon entering, you are greeted by wait staff dressed in ninja inspired apparel, who lead you to the water fall - behind which lies the secret entrance to the ninja school (? ninja hiding place? something like that...). When you yell "Ninja!" the waterfall clears and you may enter the restaurant dining area.

Scroll Menu
Range of Japanese/Chinese dishes
Some of our feast
Our waitress serving drinks all around.
The Ninja influenced version of a mini-keg.
The food was fabulous, paired with fun energetic company and plenty of entertainment... I won't go into detail and embarrass anyone I know... but basically, the waitresses pull members from the audience and drag them to the center stage to perform for the rest of us - it was quite amusing :) I would definitely consider going back again if I had a large group of people with me!

At the end of the night when we were leaving, it felt like one of those moments when I would usually hug everyone goodbye, but these were mostly people I had just met. It hadn't occurred to me how long it has been since someone hugged me. At least 84 days I guess. Either way, it was still fun and I'm glad I had somewhere to be on a Friday night.

Looking forward to lots of hugs on my visit home :)

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  1. Will definitely want to hear more about this one in ready to give you a hug! your MOM