Sunday, December 19, 2010

day 93_Christmas is coming!

First and foremost ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ~ to my dear sweet husband. It's the end of a decade love, make it memorable! :)

Other than that, just thought I would post some of the holiday decor around town. I've been scoping out holiday displays every chance I get, and there is no shortage! It doesn't seem to matter that I am in Asia, the retailers still decorate and run sales for the holiday! I'm not sure that Christmas decorations would be as widespread if I were looking in people's individual homes, but in public - the Christmas holiday season is in full swing! I suppose I have found as many holiday displays as I would expect in any large city. :)

Festive Tree, front of Idee Gallerie design showroom
Festive lights, Plaza adjacent to Taipei 101.

White Christmas tree, Sogo Department store
Nativity Scene (this is the only one I've seen so far...), In front of a bank
Christmas tree, Taipei 101 Mall entrance
Tip of the tree, next to Taipei 101 Tower!
My favorite lights display so far, adjacent to Citibank
Last but not least, my own building lobby.
Since I have not decorated my apartment - at least this greets me every time I come home :)
Even though I did not decorate my own place this year... I can certainly picture going all out next winter and inviting over my Taiwanese friends for a very cozy Christmas celebration! :) The holidays feel like 'home,' you know? Being out of my element, there are certainly some items /moments/etc. that feel like 'home' and Christmas will always be one of them! Might need to find room for some of my favorite Christmas decorations to sneak back in my suitcase!

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