Sunday, December 19, 2010

day 94_another day in the life

Eclectic decor, soft lighting, and hot tea
made this apartment a very cozy place to spend a Sunday evening. 

Sometimes I think I forget to clue you all in on what it is like to be a foreigner in a far away land - so before I go ahead and say that today was just another day (because it was, pretty uneventful all in all)... let's see... where should I begin?

It began with a very leisurely morning with much Skype chatting with my far away family. Everyone is anticipating seeing me so soon and so am I! It is hard to believe I only have a few days left before the holidays! Anyways, once all the chatting was through I thought maybe I would give packing a preliminary go-round just to see how all of those gifts fit in my suitcase. I'm really wishing I could take home an extra empty suitcase to bring things back in... so I started out by trying to pack a suitcase within a suitcase... and then put the contents in the inner bag... Right. It didn't take long for me to decide this might be my crazy logic gone wrong, and my stomach was growling anyways... I guess I will have to finish the packing later... soon! It was about time to find some lunch (around 1pm-ish I think...) and there is a particular lane I've been wanting to check out - so I took the MRT and walked around the block before I stumbled upon the area I had in mind. Sure enough! I found a tiny little place with a diner-like menu [Burgers, shakes, fries, etc.] for more or less local prices ~ amazing! [Western food usually comes at a premium] After scarfing down my BLT & half the side of fries (the serving was huge), I headed to the office for a couple of hours. In preparation for the holidays, I am trying to stay ahead of the game. I definitely intend to enjoy my time off - with no work interruptions (hopefully)!

I ran into some coworkers at the office who invited me to dinner ~ charming ~ and it is always nice to have plans, company, an excuse to be out and about... so I enjoyed dining on Pizza Hut & Coke at one of their apartments this evening with a few other friends. I was eyeing a particular pizza for awhile before I decided to just brave it and try it out (Was that a hash brown on the pizza slice? A chicken nugget?) Turns out, it was a fish fillet on the pizza slice...

After dinner I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to buy some toilet paper. I stood in front of the packages debating for quite some time because all of the brands I didn't recognize had at least these words on the package "toilet tissue" - but the Kleenex packages had zero English... thank you Kleenex. So, I bought the Kleenex brand anyways [clinging to what I know, and the fact that their product had the FSC certified label on the packaging... it's sustainable... look it up...] only to come home, open the printer plastic wrapping to discover that in fact, I did not buy a roll of toilet paper, I bought individual squares of toilet tissue... Which I draped interestingly over my toilet roll holder... And honestly, for all I know that's not even what they are! There is a cute puppy on the package, but surely these aren't actually for puppy potty training...

So, what do you know?! Just another day in the life! ;)

Hanging out with the monkeys, after dinner.

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  1. Interesting..its nice you have friends who can answer your questions! Can't wait only 4 days until Christmas Eve when we see you and Jason!