Saturday, September 25, 2010

day 8_Apartment Search No More

Well, Friday at work came and went without event. I have officially finished my first week at my new job! [Even though it was technically only a four day week, with the holiday and all...]

Tonight after work, I ventured out once again to see another apartment, and alas... I fell for this one immediately! I tried to contain my adoration as the agent walked me through and showed me the designer shoebox that I would only have dreamed of in Dallas, but now suddenly I might somehow end up with here in Taipei... It beat out the previous competition - despite the lack of a walk-in closet - because at the center of it all, it was well designed, modern, clean, and that is what reaches out to me to best.

So, details! The apartment is a studio/1 bedroom that is primarily all one room excluding the bathroom. But the bed is lofted in a glass box (yes, literally), surrounded by custom wood built ins, that create perfect sleek modern bookshelves/storage. Talk about a great place to curl up with a book! The wood is a medium tone throughout, a sliding wood screen conceals kitchen or bathroom, depending on your need. The windows are new and operable, windows on 2 sides, but multiple windows... [other apartments I'd seen sometimes only had one...] Small balcony - just enough to step out on. Located on the 4th floor, just high enough up to look out for a bit of a vew on the busiest most popular area of downtown... but at the same time, located a block or two off of the main street for a little quieter living. Swimming pool and gardens on the roof with an amazing view of the city. 24 hour guard/concierge. Nicely furnished, all top end finishes, granite, etc...

You can tell I am sold! I've emailed the agent, fingers crossed that it is mine, and I promise to upload photos if I get it! [Nonetheless please be warned, I may have a difficult time photographing such a small space]. Looking forward to this addition to my grand adventure. :)

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