Tuesday, September 28, 2010

day 11_Back to work!

So, Monday morning in Taipei is no different than Monday morning anywhere else... It's back to work! And, of course, I have more than enough work to keep me occupied for quite a while...

I ended up having two client meetings, and staying until about 7:30pm in the evening [our office hours are from 9am - 6pm] because I am starting to feel the pressure. I like the differences now compared to when I had taken a new job before - because this is the first time that it is truly understood that I have some kind of experience under my belt, and I do not need someone to hold my hand full-time (yay)! That being said though, I had sure better step up to the plate and exceed everyone's expectations of me...

My work right now consists 100% of LEED projects [for those who are unfamiliar w/LEED, it is a rating system used to provide a standard of accountability for green building design/construction]. It is significant because anyone can claim to be "green," but when you get down to the nitty gritty and you crunch the numbers, is that actually a reputable claim? And when I say crunch the numbers... there is endless number crunching :) Nonetheless, I like the work. I like my part in it, and I am satisfied with my daily grind. It is also refreshing to have more client interaction, etc. to break up the monotony.

So, on that note... I am off to find some Taiwanese lunch & back to work! :)

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