Thursday, September 23, 2010

day 7_Breakfast & Back to Work!

Well, not much excitement today, but just a quick note I suppose!

I finally took my sister's advice and stopped by a 7-11 on the way to work today... specifically to pick up a certain food for breakfast that I remember... there is something you can buy (not sure the name) that is a triangular shaped rice treat, wrapped in crispy green seaweed, and stuffed with various fillings (typically fish, shrimp, or some type of meat). I grabbed one and a juice box - looked to be lemon & honey from the images - all for less than two bucks. Nice start to my day - good idea sis!

Work went well, I am now working on a larger project that is sure to keep me on my toes...

This evening, unfortunately, I learned that American TV shows are not available online overseas! [All along I had thought I might keep up with my favorite shows by watching them on the internet...] Newsflash folks! It is some sort of legal / rights thing... so I guess now we know.

And with that... I'm going back to my book :) Sweet dreams friends.

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