Sunday, September 26, 2010

day 10_Checking Out the Neighborhood

Today I ventured back to the location of my soon-to-be apartment to give it a good look while the sun is shining (I had first toured it in the evening - after sunset - which looked prety good!) and was pleased to find that I am just as excited about the location in the daytime. Plus - bonus - come to find out, it is pretty much across the street from my bookstore... and just a few blocks further to the movie theatre... great location!

I've decided I need to start remembering to carry my camera around with me... more pictures soon I hope :)

And on the 10th day... as I am melting from walking around in the heat & humidity, trying not to spend too much money until I start getting paid... all of a sudden I realize, I have been here for 10 days and I haven't even considered the idea of a swimming pool existing at the hotel! It turns out they have a pretty nice outdoor/heated pool along with a steamroom, sauna, and complete gym. Yay! Free entertainment found! So I finished up my evening with a nice swim and a sit in the steamroom :) Nice.

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