Saturday, September 18, 2010

day 2_Jet Lag ("desynchronosis")

It is hard to tell where day one ended and day two began... I managed to sleep off & on with much texting, chatting, and Facebooking inbetween until about 10am on Saturday... Then continued to do more of the same I think...

Around one o'clock I decided I really should get some lunch, and although my intentions were good... I ended up at Outback Steakhouse :) What can I say? It's attached to my hotel... And I finally gave up on finding the food court in the familiar mall next door, after trying to decipher their 'temporarily under construction' signs posted throughout in Chinese...that was a different maze than I remember... So for my oh so eager fans asking 'what do you eat there?' Let me tell you, it was a little ridiculous... Summer special includes:
Cup of soup
Entree + 2 sides
And a drink
... All for about $15 US
A bit silly for lunch really, but what the heck? I splurged :)

Now I'm told that the typhoon is coming (which apparently is their version of a snow day) and Tuesday is a holiday... So here I am sitting in my room, watching the skies and reading a new book recommended by a girlfriend... My boss texted me to congratulate me on the typhoon and let me know that "big running water in your first week is good feng shui"...

So, there you have it folks, just another day in the life :) more exciting posts later, I promise! For now, I am just waiting out the storm and taking advantage of a little time to relax.

(Evening) so, of course I filled up on Outback at lunch and then the boss invites me out to dinner... So, pretend I'm hungry. Nearby authentic Japanese sushi restaurant where the staff know him, and the chef just sets food in front of us - no ordering necessary! The sushi was great - very fresh - and mostly things I've never had before. This also confirms my theory that even sushi in the US is quite American-ized. Either way, the dinner was quite lovely and now my eyes are threatening to close... Goodnight to your Saturday! :)

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