Thursday, September 23, 2010

day 6_Moon Festival Holiday

For a little more background on this holiday, you may check out the following link..
Because I am still so new in Taipei, unfortunately, I was not invited to any holiday celebrations or anything of that sort, but I was grateful for a day of rest - who wouldn't be?!

For my very own Moon Festival Holiday I slept in, then spent the morning talking to family & friends online. I think this would be in keeping with the spirit of the holiday - since it is also a celebration of family & friend bonds... After a leisurely morning, I hopped in a taxi and headed to Eslite bookstore (which I was aware of from my previous visit to Taipei). Eslite is a large, probably 7 story bookstore, which also specializes in English media as well as Chinese. The Eslite stores are popular amoung foreigners and locals alike, and some are even open 24 hours. You might have guessed by now, but I went in search of the second book to my trilogy...

While I was at Eslite, I stopped for a quick sushi lunch in the food court and sat at the sushi bar facing the chefs who prepare the food. It was tasty, healthy & filling - good choice :)

Afterwards, unfortunately, I had a splitting headache, so I returned to the hotel to rest once again. My afternoon was more or less uneventful, reading my new book [which is fine with me!] And in the evening, I could see the fireworks across the city, out my window... especially the ones being set off in the alley behind my hotel which seemed to be cracking just outside my own window... I tried to photo the fireworks for my blog, but unfortunately, the combination of camera phone, night sky, and hotel window glass provided a few technical difficulties... next time!

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