Thursday, September 30, 2010

day 13_Breaking bread

Following my lunch at the friendly Thai restaurant where no one spoke English, I had plenty of leftovers remaining for lunch the next day, so I brought the remaining (pretty spicy!) curry chicken & sweet potatoes to work and slipped them into the fridge.

Around lunchtime as I started to get hungry... I decided that it truly would be best to have something to eat with my leftovers to sooth the spiciness! At the Thai restaurant I had eaten the meal with fresh steamed white rice (the usual), but they did not package any extra rice to take with me in my leftover package, and the chicken alone didn't quite make a meal, so I headed out to the nearby 'Family Mart' (7-11's biggest competitor) to pick up some bread and tea. I found a 1Liter bottle of tea with a black label & flowers - hoping this was some form of black tea... and found a package of what was obviously some type of bread/roll. Checked out (it cost all of one dollar US for the items) and headed back to the office where I heated up my chicken and sat down at my desk to dive into the meal. Imagine how shocked I was (as I dipped my bread into the curry sauce and took a large bit out of it) to discover that I had puchased "double-chocolate-stuffed bread"!!! Needless to say, it caught me off guard!!! And was pretty funny.

So, there you have it folks. Now I know which packaging to look for when I am craving chocolate bread... ;) Ah, the adventures of not being able to read Chinese packaging...

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