Saturday, September 18, 2010

day 1_I have arrived!

I am writing Day 1's post in retrospect (on Day 2), so for all of you eager fans anxiously awaiting a daily report - my apologies!

I had even considered entitling this blog "While you were sleeping," as -for those few who are sincerely hanging on my every word - it might become part of your morning routine, like the daily paper. My own daily paper... and here, we all thought my hubby was the writer out of the two...

After landing an hour early (yay!) and making it through customs, I found my driver and he delivered me to a nice hotel about one block from my new office. So I was immediately familiar with the area. I decided to take a quick cat nap (give or take 4 hours...) then showered, dressed, and headed into the office for a little meet & greet. Turns out my paperwork and laptop are not yet ready, so they sent me on my marry way and urged me to begin considering where I might live during my time here in Taipei.

I walked to a local realty company suggested by a friend of my Father-In-Law, thankfully nearby, but discovered that they can only accomodate long term leases and since my plan is to rent short term until Jason joins me, I thanked them and let them know I might return later, husband in tow. :)

On my stroll back to the hotel, I noticed another realty company (all window ads in Chinese only) and popped my head in the door. Only one employee who speaks English, "Jack", but he is bright, cheerful, and very friendly. He explained they had only 2 or 3 short term rentals available, but offered to show them to me. Would I like a ride to go visit the first one today?

Hmmm... young single unknown asian guy, speedy scooter, sans husband... I told him I would meet him at the apartment location. So... after his 5 minute scooter ride and my 25 minute walk... I met him about a mile (or maybe a mile & a half?) away.

This place is cute! It will definitely be the competition for any others I see.

Cute, modern, clean, new construction, 24 hour guard & concierge, indoor pool, gym, amenities. Small studio with bed "upstairs." Balcony with view of Taipei 101. Full bath & sep walk-in shower. Black leather sofa (my taste) with pull-out sofa bed... I very well may end up here...

Walked back to the hotel, thankful to have stayed awake for so long and crashed, probably around 6pm. So I'm still cheating a little bit on my schedule... I still have the rest of the weekend to catch up, right?

Miss you all!

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