Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week 17_Section 1, DunHua South Road

It's finally gotten cold here now. If December was the best weather I've seen yet, January is definitely the coldest! The average temperatures don't drop below 50 degrees F (it happens occasionally...), but with the wind and the rain / moisture in the air, it is always chilly! I've started creatively layering my clothes now - which seems to get me by - but maybe next winter season I will invest in some serious cold weather attire! Most of my clothing from the States is only light-to-medium duty, because I rarely stayed outside for more than a few moments during the cold. Walking to and from my car. My wardrobe has always been designed to simply be warm enough when I have a coat on over it! But considering that many buildings here do not have heaters, or they do not crank up the heat because they are trying to save energy... all of a sudden that leaves this Texahoman wearing my coat indoors too!

Despite the cold, I still walk home or at least part of the way home when I feel brave and bundled-up enough. It's been raining this week, but there was one day without rain that I managed to take a few photos along my way.....

Sculpture & waterfall in a park behind Taiwan Adventist Hospital
Part of the trip is walking along DunHua South Road, Section 1.

I like the area, even though it is less pedestrian, more big bank or residential. This street has many commercial businesses and banks, but few hotels, retail shops, or restaurants (there are some). That makes the area slightly more peaceful, quieter, and less crowded than other parts of my walk.
More sculptures in the park behind Taiwan Adventist Hospital
This calm stretch of the city is still near downtown and the business districts, so it is not completely quiet by any means... but you can find many well-maintained parks and courtyards. It must be a pretty well-off neighborhood in general.

I had seen this park with the sculptures so many times as I walk by, but I just now finally wandered over to check it out. I would really like to come back with a friend so I can take a picture of me with one of the sculptures - they're pretty fun :)

Buddha statue in a private residential courtyard.
This courtyard is lovely! I wonder how much the homes go for?

Sculpture at entrance to a small courtyard adjacent to an art gallery
I always admire this sculpture when I pass it... and I can't quite decide if the courtyard is private, or if it is leading to another business just beyond? One of these days, I will try to check it out. Rain or shine, I enjoy seeing so much on a daily basis. It beats watching life pass by - or failing to notice what I'm passing at all - out the window of a car... :)

In other news: These boots weren't made for walking. A zipper came clean off of one of my boots this week! I am going to have to get that repaired... should be an adventure, I doubt a small shoe shop keeper will speak much English...

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