Tuesday, January 4, 2011

day 99_God Bless America!

Falling asleep next to my sweet husband, and waking up next to him on Christmas Eve was celebration enough in itself! Even still, I was also ecstatic to be back home in the good ol' U.S. of A. Miraculously, I actually slept through the entire first night... and wondered if it would be just that simple? Ha, keep dreaming Lizzie...

I spent my first full day back, Christmas Eve, in Dallas with my husband and his parents. We slept in, and then started our day with brunch at Breadwinners. Knowing that I would only be on my American vacay for a limited amount of time, the general consensus was - we will eat wherever the heck Lizzie wants to! So I tried to pick places that I could never find in Taipei - or anywhere else for that matter. Breadwinners is a local cafe/bakery in Dallas, and I knew the second we walked in the door that I had chosen the right spot. That pastry case overflowing with homemade pies, cinnamon rolls, cheesecakes, etc. was calling my name... loudly. :)

Side effects of my time spent away were immediately evident... unbeknownst to me, the husband says I nearly drove a passerby into the wall... as in, I allowed someone the same amount of space that is allowed me when I'm squeezing through a crowd or climbing onto the rush hour MRT train. I didn't notice. Next, when intending to speak kindly to a busser in Spanish, I opened my mouth and Mandarin came out... Woops! Apparently my brain has a single switch that says "Not English," and that switch is currently programmed to flip to Mandarin... so much for my Spanish speaking skills! Either way, brunch was great, and so was dessert...

Christmas Eve we gathered at our home to open gifts with my in-laws. A nice chilly evening, our tini-tiny Christmas tree, and the company of family made for a great evening. Plus the presents! Opening presents is fun for everyone, but honestly, I think I have just as much fun picking them out.... so, I was most tickled when my mother-in-law let out a squeal at the second present she opened: extra-super-fluffy cartoon geisha house slippers! Somehow I just knew when I saw them, that they would be perfect for her (or at least, so I hoped)! Success.

Example Pucca Slippers
(similar, but not the exact pair...
the ones I bought are even cuter!)

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