Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 16_Back, and looking back

My time here sounds so short when I say it in weeks, but it feels like I have been in Taipei for much longer! It's a new year and with that, time for new things! So - I've decided from here on out I will post more like weekly (sometimes biweekly), just depending on when I have something of interest worth writing.

Week 16 has actually felt quite monumental ~ because I've been pondering the significance of a new year. First, I felt like I missed the New Year or as if it hadn't yet arrived - probably because on my actual New Year's Eve all I could think about was getting on a plane the next morning without my husband... But now that I'm back, I've spent more than the average amount of time picking my brain about what this new year means for me? But before I can even get to my dreams for this grand new year, I've had a lot of time to reflect on 2010 and appreciate it:

In 2010..............

I continued to study the 3D program Revit, and read more books than usual in my spare time. I attended job-specific training, and networked at Metrocon (Dallas) as usual. 

I celebrated the achievement of my Interior Design license. I became significantly better at my work, and finally reached an experience level so that I no longer feel like the 'newbie' or the bottom of the food chain. I juggled endless projects, appreciated and sympathized with my co-workers, sacrificed many a weekend, helped plan a summer barbecue/cook-off, trained new employees, finally bought a Rolodex, and learned a LOT!

I cherished a new year with my sweet husband. I mourned the loss of my grandfather, and wished him all the peace, love, and happiness that only heaven can bring. I congratulated my Dad on the construction and completion of a beautiful new home (that I love visiting!) and applauded my Mom for her recent contribution in an award winning book. I spent time with family more than usual - spending Easter at my parent's new home, celebrating my own birthday in my home town, celebrating my sister's birthday with all the siblings and their other halves, spending time with friends and family before leaving the country. I finally established strong ties with some of my very best friends in Dallas - the kind of friends that you have been through so much together that your friendship is ordinary/every day, but it runs deep.

I left everything familiar and comfortable in an effort to push myself further: to learn, to grow, to experience, and to find my own way of living life to it's fullest. I brought my independence, knowledge & desire to learn, my eagerness to meet new people and explore a new culture, and uprooted my life to Taipei, Taiwan.

Wow! What on earth am I going to do in 2011? :)

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