Wednesday, January 5, 2011

day 102_more catching up

When you haven't seen your friends and family lately, there is always plenty of catching up to do. Honestly though, considering that I have only been gone for three months, I wouldn't have seen most of these people recently anyways. Nonetheless, I made every effort to squeeze all of my favorite people into my tight schedule. Who knows when I will be back to the States next?

Monday morning we feasted on a plentiful breakfast with one of my grandpas. By this point in the trip I was constantly full. I don't think my stomach growled once during the entire vacation... but I pressed on through my last heaping meal prepared by my Mom!

After all the breakfast I could stomach, and a whirlwind report to my grandpa trying to explain my "Taiwan experience" in an hour or so (impossible, there's so much to tell!)... my mom, sister & I headed out to get spa pedicures (one of my Christmas gifts) ~ something I haven't done since I left the States, and a great chance for us to have some girl time. Foot massages/reflexology are quite popular in Taiwan, but nail salons, such as those found so often in the US (typically run by Asians)... are not so common place. My poor feet have really been through the wringer, walking to and from work when I feel like it, suffering wind, rain, and blisters frequently... so the pedicure was fabulous!

Once my feet looked fresh and new it was already time to meet up with my best friend from high school (time flies when you are working on squeezing everyone into a week's schedule). He, the husband, and I all headed to out to Ted's Escondido, a local Mexican restaurant favored by the Okie locals ~ What else?! Ha... I think my hubby was getting pretty tired of Mexican food by this point in the trip... but that is definitely the one thing that is severely lacking in Taipei, so he suffered through it for me!

My favorite thing about visiting my very best friends, is that they all tell me how much they would love to visit... and for the most part, they have all been contemplating if it's a plausible scheme... when to come, how long to stay? :) After a satisfying lunch with good Mexican food and better company, it was time to head back to Texas for the remainder of my visit. I feel like I have so many "home"s. Oklahoma will always be home to me, but so will Fort Worth and Dallas, TX....

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