Saturday, January 8, 2011

day 107_Happy New Years + Go Frogs!

Wow, it is officially 2011. When I was little that number sounded so far away. I've been meaning to make some sort of a resolutions list, or really just a short list of personal goals for the year, but I haven't gotten around to it yet... Must make 2011 list.....

New Year's Day, the husband and I left for the airport around 4am - fun - so that I could be there by 5am to check in for my 6:49am flight out of DFW. Our timing was good because the airport was packed with long lines and I got the feeling that people arriving late were missing flights right and left! We stood in line to check my bags and to find out if I would need to pay any additional fees for my action packer. The action packer is a large storage bin with hard sides and a very firm lid - perfect for someone moving over seas, it has space for a lot more than the average suitcase, and is tough enough that nothing inside will be squished by other luggage. It turns out, it was considered to be checked baggage like a normal suitcase so there were no additional fees! Yay! [Now I have mixing bowls, an extra blanket, my rolodex, etc, etc...] I hugged and kissed the husband goodbye, trying to conceal my heartache, and stepped into the very long security line. I saw the new full body scanner machines that have made such a stir in the US news lately, but those are only used for people in question, and no one had to go through the full body scanner while I was in line.

I also saw quite a bit of purple while I was at the airport...Next was business as usual, but while I was flying... My alma mater, Texas Christian University - the Horned Frogs, was playing in the biggest football game in it's history, the ever famous Rose Bowl!!! Everyone from TCU was SO excited for TCU to play in the Rose Bowl this year. TCU is often put down by the media or sports authorities, saying that they may not deserve to compete with the BCS teams, and even though I think everyone knows that the BCS is questionable at best, it is still extremely difficult for TCU to get credit where credit is due, despite being an undefeated team and proving great statistics these past few seasons! 

I am no big football fan (I sort of enjoy the fact that my new surroundings are not as football crazy as Texas...), but when it comes to my own team (TCU) or my home team (OSU) I am always cheering! I even have football paraphernalia for both teams here with me in Taipei..... So when the plane finally landed and I heard the final score, I was elated to hear that TCU had won and that the game was thrilling down to the last moment! Goooooooooo Frogs!!!

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