Wednesday, January 5, 2011

day 103_husband & wife

The next day was my first full day to spend with the hubby sans-family. Bliss!
There is no equivalent to spending time with your other half - not to mention leg rubs, watching our favorite shows together on the couch, being lazy, laughing at each other's jokes, being tucked into bed, and someone who puts fuzzy socks on my feet when I get cold. :)

It's one of the most popular questions: "How are you and your husband doing?" Implying: "How are you two dealing with this extended separation?!" I know that is because people sincerely care, and are hoping we will be reunited soon. Join the club. We hope the same thing! But in the meantime, he can get any remaining bachelor out of his system, I can play bachelorette, and we can still look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. [Surely a few months apart is nothing in the scheme of 60 more years]. In reality, I am only more and more proud of us for our ability to be a couple who's completely smitten... but also two very unique individuals. It's something I've always liked about us - we don't smother each other, we can each stand independently on our own two feet... and there's something to be said for a partner who will travel 'round the world with you... hold your hand while you're chasing your dreams... or even use the opportunity to chase dreams of their own :)

Being able to spend the holidays together was superb... looking forward to when he is able to join me in Taipei :)