Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 17_Taipei International Flora Exposition

Saturday was a work day for me, but I can't say it was too painful. My team got out of the office and spent the day at the the Taipei International Flora Exposition, checking out green design innovations and getting ideas for our own current and future projects. The Flora Expo is absolutely gigantic, and even though we walked around for 5+ hours, there was definitely more to see! I am hoping to revisit another weekend (the show runs through April 25th, so I might get the chance).

The expo is an "A2B1 level horticulture exposition, showcasing [of] notable achievements in horticulture, science, and environmental protection technology", but of course we attended specifically seeking green design insight and inspiration.

Walkway as we entered the Expo site.
Really neat design, but how many rings are on those tree trunks?
We hope these were reclaimed wood rings :
 re-purposed and given a second life as this walkway...

Standing in front of the "Pavilion of the Future" building.
Note what looks like a hill behind me is actually the roof of the building.
This pavilion featured skylights, solar panels, green roof, & a mini-eco system. 

Mini-eco-system at the heart of the 'Pavilion of the Future.'
[Photo taken standing on roof, looking down]
Man-made habitat/ Eco-system is recreated within this building to promote and preserve
a natural circle of life, even within the city.

Solar panels and vegetation on the roof of the 'Pavilion of the Future'.
The roof looked fabulous on this brisk January afternoon,
but I wonder how it will fare near the end of April in Taipei?

Analysis of Expo's solar panel output.
Unfortunately, on this cloudy day (common this time of year in Taipei),
the panels energy production was 0.00 kWh.

A historical/traditional Chinese home & gardens.
These were just gorgeous. I would love to have a home like that!
With a few modern amenities of course...

Close up of one of many carvings at the traditional Chinese home.

There were representative gardens for all different countries,
This was one of multiple "Thailand" gardens - very impressive :)

The "Taiwan" garden had a dome-like structure built of bamboo, and a calm reflecting pool outside.

The "Bhutan" garden had these <correct name unknown> at the entrance and exit.
You spin them for good luck...
I made sure to spin all three and made a few wishes for luck of my own.

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