Thursday, January 6, 2011

day 104_more vacay...

The next day was much more of the same [it's probably all starting to sound the same to you, dear blog readers...]. Another day of highly prized time with my husband, as well as a lunch date with some of my extended family (aunt, uncle, cousins). We met in Fort Worth for lunch at a European/Italian restaurant named Taverna. I thoroughly enjoyed my lobster bisque and house salad - Yum! Soups are extremely common in Taipei, but they are typically broth-based with noodles... a bisque would be a special treat. It was fun to catch up with the fam and fill them in a little bit on my adventures so far. Having such a long vacation, time to catch up with SO many people and truly take some time to pamper myself was awesome!

Typically, I would not take an entire week off for vacation, but lucky me ~ it worked out just fine for me this year... AND... I am also looking forward to my Chinese New Year holiday! Another 10 days off of work, because I work for a generous company : ) I think the average Taiwanese has more like 6 days off of work..... but I will take whatever I can get, and happily! When is the US going to start celebrating 6 day holidays...?

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