Sunday, February 13, 2011

week 21_chicken

So, the world keeps on spinning, and I keep on enjoying the adventure... :)

Last night I stopped at my favorite drink shop, GongCha, for some tea.
I have gotten into the habit of swinging by there on my way home quite frequently. The shop is on the corner of my block and they sell tea, coffee, and juice drinks. I am pretty much always in the mood for something tasty to drink, so I've quickly become a well-known patron. There is one female employee especially who is always kind to me, and we chat in English each time I stop by. Let's just call her "B" for the purposes of this story.

When I arrived at the shop this time she was busy snacking on a piece of fried chicken. It looked tasty, and I always try to keep up the conversation so we started talking and the conversation went something like this:
Me: "What's that you're snacking on?"
B: "It is chicken. It is a very popular Taiwanese snack." -munching, munching-
[I waited as another employee fixed my drink, but I was thinking that chicken looked pretty good, and the locals obviously approve. Maybe I should try some myself... After all, it was still steaming hot, perhaps the place is nearby?]
Me: "It looks good! Fried chicken?"
B: "Yes, it is delicious. You should try"
Me: "Did you buy that nearby?"
B: "Yes. It is from a restaurant just that direction (points). Two streets away."
Me: "Where is it from?"
[At this point in the conversation, she began blushing heavily, and speaking to her coworkers very quickly in Chinese, discussing the appropriate English words to tell me, and they were obviously egging her on to tell me, tell me...]
B: -very sheepishly and quickly... she made a motion to draw a circle pointing to the front of her torso- "It is breast"
Me: Ahhh! I couldn't help but bust out laughing - no wonder she was acting funny about the answer! I then immediately explained that I meant "Where?" as in "What is the name of the restaurant?"

She may have thought my question was directed differently because the Taiwanese eat many parts of a chicken here that foreigners don't prefer to eat (feet, intestines, blood, etc...) They all began to laugh; they are very good natured kids, but of course she was embarrassed! It was pretty funny. :) Some things are lost in translation...

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